1960 Antero Janrinho dos Santos, in Solposto, Aveiro municipality initiates the manufacturation of agricultural implements and also civil locksmithing.
It's in the support to agriculture that the company is growing and creating some more well-known brands in the southern part of the district of Aveiro, where there is more time implants agriculture.
For the most complete support for agriculture the company begins to focus on the marketing of products other than those of their manufacture:
- Motor pumps, electric pumps and the whole set of pipes and irrigation systems with their accessories.
The late 60's early 70's, the houses begin to integrate into your space bathrooms, more appropriate and functional for the time.
Responding to this market the company begins focusing on its 1st space dedicated to trade of all kinds of accessories for plumbing, irrigation and equipment for bathroom in 1985 was purchased another neighbor commercial space, which was dedicated to the hardware trade, paints, cements and other building materials.
Is created then new commercial area based on these products will be expanding to other areas:
-Garden (Irrigation and equipment).
-Electric and hand tools for industry, agriculture, DIY, etc ...
May 1996 the company dedicated itself only to the commercial area, being born a company with family capital JANRINHO DOS SANTOS & FILHOS, Lda.
This fruit company of a history of nearly 40 years, always guided by a responsible and serious action in an increasingly competitive market, can the Aveiro region the representation of prestigious brands.



To provide our customers the best products and solutions for the construction, repair and alteration of housing, as well as in the area of gardens and agriculture. We take a close relationship, offering a racing partnership with our welcoming and professional teams.



The ethics based on the values of honesty in a relationship to develop social responsibility, promoting the welfare of all employees, partners and the community in which we are involved.



With friendship, mutual respect, cooperation always looking people first. Professionalism - with competence, commitment always aiming at full customer satisfaction.

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